IBRO has launched its call for proposals for engaged scientists to get involved as new members of the IBRO Regional Committees (RCs). Proposals of new members are made on behalf of, and by each of IBRO’s close to 100 member organizations,  and by the members of the IBRO Executive Committee. Motivated individuals who wish to be involved in delivering IBRO’s mission in their region are warmly encouraged to contact a member society of IBRO for their nomination or contact IBRO directly for support in this regard via secretariat@ibro.org. The deadline for proposals is 23 June 2023. 

What is the role of an IBRO regional committee member?

Members of the IBRO RCs are responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of IBRO’s programs in their region. The RCs have a large degree of autonomy for decisions about the annual allocation of IBRO’s funds and the members actively contribute to these regional decisions. RC members also play a key role in the revision and evaluation of regional and international program applications and participate in decisions in this regard. To actively support the advancement in the regions, proposals of candidates who reflect IBRO’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, are encouraged.

The following positions are open:
  • Africa Regional Committee (IBRO-ARC): five available positions
  • Asia-Pacific Regional Committee (IBRO-APRC): one available position
  • Latin America Regional Committee) (IBRO-LARC): five available positions
  • Pan-Europe Regional Committee (IBRO-PERC): one available position
  • US/Canada Regional Committee (IBRO-USCRC): one available position

Upon receipt of the submitted proposals, the IBRO Nominations Committee will deliberate and agree on the final list of candidates in August. The elections will take place on 9 September 2023 during the Assembly of the Governing Council at the World Congress in Granada, Spain.