Call for applications: Chief Editors of Neuroscience

IBRO is seeking neuroscientists with strong motivation to take on the editorial leadership of IBRO’s flagship journal Neuroscience within a new structure of committed and dynamically collaborative Chief Editors.

Published by Elsevier, Neuroscience is a broad scientific journal dedicated to the dissemination of high-quality scientific studies on all aspects of the brain and nervous system primary in the form of original and impactful research articles and reviews, along with commentaries and Special Issues. As a society-owned publication, Neuroscience is aligned with IBRO in its commitment toward supporting education and training of the global neuroscience community through a transparent, fair, and supportive submission and review process, with a focus on equity, inclusion, and diversity.

With an aim to strengthen and align Neuroscience with IBRO as a modern and attractive outlet for publication of outstanding neuroscience studies from a global authorship, both IBRO journals are being rebranded with a launch and campaign targeted for mid 2023, with modernized covers and supporting websites. This process is expected to continue into the coming years and is envisioned to engage the group of Chief Editors that ideally will consist of neuroscientists from diverse expertise and backgrounds, with representation from different IBRO regions around the globe.

In recognizing the limitations of the current publishing framework, Neuroscience is currently published as a hybrid subscription and Open Access journal, while its companion journal, IBRO Neuroscience Reports, is published as Gold Open Access. Importantly, proceeds generated from Neuroscience and IBRO Neuroscience Reports support more than 90% of IBRO’s diverse and global portfolio of neuroscience training, schools, and career-oriented programs aimed at elevating resource access, mentorship, and research equity.


Editorial framework

IBRO envisions an editorial framework for Neuroscience that integrates its broad scientific scope with an ambition for the journal to accommodate high-impact research studies from a global audience. Visibility across scientific topics and diverse geographical regions will be reflected in the editorial leadership and composition of the Editorial Board. The autonomous group of Chief Editors will have extended power to coordinate their work and influence the strategic direction of the journal.


Roles and responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Chief Editors involve decision-making and implementation of the strategic editorial line of Neuroscience. Within this scope, the Chief Editors are tasked to coordinate the evaluation and assignments of manuscript submissions to Senior Editors (SEs) of the Journal, ensuring that the process is efficient and that all SEs are aware of the Chief Editors’ and IBRO’s shared global objectives for the journal in this context. The Chief Editors are tasked with ensuring continued improvements of the submission process and the global continued relevance of the journal. In this context, it will be key to ensure collaboration with IBRO Neuroscience Reports, the Open Access companion journal of Neuroscience. Presentation of initiatives, performance metrics of the Journal, and strategies for Editorial Board recruitment shall be presented by the Chief Editors to the IBRO Publications Committee, comprised of Elsevier publication managers and the IBRO Officers.

Supported by a dedicated team at Elsevier and in close coordination with the IBRO Secretariat, the Chief Editors shall contribute to the continued positive engagement and visibility of Neuroscience within the global neuroscience community.


Background of ideal candidates

IBRO’s hiring process is based on values of diversity, equity and inclusion. We encourage applications from all interested scientists, inclusive of wide representation for nationality, country, gender identification, ethinicity, and sexual orientation. Candidates will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • International publication record demonstrating scientific expertise and experience
  • Demonstrable knowledge of the peer-review process and an evident understanding of the editorial responsibilities
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion as values that are integral to the publication process
  • Unwavering commitment to quality, reproducibility, and scientific integrity as central pillars of the scientific enterprise
  • Enthusiasm and interest in the overall neuroscience field in a global context
  • Knowledge about and prior engagement with IBRO is considered an advantage


Expression of interest

Scientists are invited to submit their CV accompanied by a cover letter (maximum of two pages) that outlines their scientific background in relation to the position. Please include names and email addresses of three neuroscientists that may be contacted to speak on the qualifications of the candidate.

Expressions of interest may be submitted as PDF to Gail M. Rodney, Senior Publisher; email: on or before the 31 August 2023.


Terms of appointment

Neuroscience Chief Editors will be appointed for an initial term of three years that may be reviewed following common accord. The group of Chief Editors will start their term on 1 January 2024. Chief Editors will receive an annual compensation commensurate with publishing norms.

More details about Neuroscience: