IBRO looks forward to meeting the global neuroscience community at the IBRO 2023 World Congress in September in Granada. Check out all the activities IBRO has planned for you and mark your calendar for these exciting events!

Meet & greet at IBRO’s booth

The IBRO team will be at booth #86 throughout the World Congress ready to answer all your questions about our programs, journals, and more. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet and greet our leadership, members of IBRO committees, and the IBRO secretariat. 

10 Sep 2023

10:00-11:00 – Early Career Committee

13:10-14:10 – US/Canada Regional Committee 

11 Sep 2023

13:10-14:10 – Pan-Europe Regional Committee

17:20-18:20 – Asia-Pacific Regional Committee

12 Sep 2023

13:10-14:10 – IBRO leadership and the Africa Regional Committee

17:20-17:45 – Latin America Regional Committee

Explore IBRO’s journals

Pitch-your-idea to the journals’ Chief Editors

Come and have a coffee with the Chief Editors of Neuroscience and IBRO Neuroscience Reports, and pitch your ideas for the next reviews and special issues! 

IBRO Neuroscience Reports

  • Who: Ying-Shing Chan (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Where: IBRO booth #86
  • When: 11 Sep 2023, 10:30-11:30

  • Who: Daniela Schiller (Ass. Chief Editor)
  • Where: IBRO booth #86
  • When: 12 Sep 2023,  13:10-14:10
Speed review sessions with the IBRO’s journals’ Chief Editors

Book a one-to-one session with the Editors and discuss your research paper. The Editors can review your article, and give you constructive feedback and advice on whether the paper needs more work or if it is ready to submit. Each Speed Review lasts for 15 minutes with each of the Editors and will work on a first-come, first-served basis. To book a face-to-face speed review session, click on the button below.


  • Who: Daniela Schiller – Ass. Chief Editor
  • Where: Elsevier booth #29
  • When: 11 Sep 2023, 10:30-11:30

IBRO Neuroscience Reports

  • Who: Ying-Shing Chan – Editor-in-Chief
  • Where: Elsevier booth #29
  • When: 12 Sep 2023, 10:30-11:30
Attend the IBRO Journals event: Why and How to Publish in a Society Journal
  • Where: Rooms Andalucía I + II + III
  • When: 12 Sep 2023, 12:10-13:10

Hosted by Neuroscience Editor-in-Chief Juan Lerma, the IBRO journals event, Why and How to Publish in a Society Journal, will feature the following topics:

  1. Society journals, their origins and functions
  2. The peer-review process and what Editors expect reviewers to do
  3. Ethical issues around scientific publishing
  4. What we expect in a good paper
Propose Special Issue concepts with the journals’ Senior Content Acquisition Lead
  • Where: Elsevier booth #29
  • When: 9-13 Sep 2023, 14:00-15:00

Do you have an exciting idea for a Special Issue? Are you interested in becoming a Guest Editor? Senior Content Acquisition Lead, Alfredo Sansone, will be available to hear your proposals for both Neuroscience, and IBRO Neuroscience Reports. Come meet him and share your ideas! To book a one-on-one appointment with Alfredo, click on the button below.

Be part of the Neuroscience Capacity Accelerator for Mental Health launch!

  • Where: IBRO booth #86
  • When: 10 Sep 2023, 17:20-18:20

Join us at the launch of the Neuroscience Capacity Accelerator for Mental Health brought to you by Wellcome and IBRO, and learn more about this exciting new funding opportunity while enjoying some coffee and sweets with us! Learn more here.

Explore all IBRO-related events

Celebrate IBRO’s Alumni with us!
  • Where: Rooftop, Palacio de Congresos de Granada
  • When: 10 Sep 2023, 19:20-21:20

Join us at the IBRO Alumni Reception where we will celebrate the exceptional group of IBRO Alumni and their achievements over some pleasant music, drinks, and bites. The event is free of charge and will work on a first-come, first-served basis. To secure your attendance, kindly register using the registration button below.

IBRO Presidential Panel – Brain health in times of global challenges 
  • Where: Auditorio Lorca, Palacio de Congresos de Granada
  • When: 12 Sep 2023, 17:45 – 19:15

Moderated by IBRO President, Tracy L. Bale, the IBRO Presidential Panel at the IBRO 2023 World Congress will provide unique perspectives from world experts, including Nobel Peace Prize winner, Leymah Gbowee, and the former Vice President of Costa Rica, Epsy Campbell Barr, both of whom have a global voice and vision for health equity and women’s rights advocacy. In addition, George Mpanga, or George the Poet, a Peabody award-winning spoken-word artist will also present his perspective on social and political issues impacting our brain health. Learn more here.

Special Events

Special Event 1: Challenges and Opportunities for Early Career Researchers: Perspectives from IBRO Investigators

  • Where: Room Andalucía I + II + III
  • When: 10 Sep 2023, 12:10-13:10 

Co-organized by the IBRO Early Career Committee, this event aims to foster the discussion on the challenges encountered by early career researchers in establishing their laboratories, and how to surmount some of these obstacles. 

Special Event  2: WWN/IBRO Global Collaborations, Functional Research Networks, and Funding Workshop

  • Where: Room U1
  • When: 10 Sep 2023, 12:10-13:10 

Join World Women in Neuroscience and IBRO for a workshop on strategies to establish global partnerships and collaborations, identify funding sources for international collaborations and fellowships, leverage seed research grants from foundations/advocacy groups, and provide tips for successful grant writing strategies and peer review processes. The talks will be followed by a 1-hour Mentoring and Networking Circle.

Special Event 5: ALBA-ECC Event – Better Together: Making Neuroscience Research and its Benefits Global

  • Where: Room Manuel de Falla 
  • When: 11 Sep 2023, 17:20-18:20

Organized by the ALBA Network and the IBRO Early Career Committee, this event will facilitate a wide-ranging discussion of what neuroscientists can do as a community to build research capacity in the Global South, and how this increase in local capacities for research and innovation can, in the broader picture, bring benefits to us all. 

Special Event 7: The Gender Gap in Science Is Not Only Unfair, It Is Economically Unwise

  • Where: Room Albeniz + Machuca 
  • When: 12 Sep 2023, 12:10-13:10

In this event organized by the Women in Neuroscience Committee, Spanish Society of Neuroscience, IBRO President Tracy L. Bale, will contribute with her remarks on the existing gender gap in neuroscience and how a diverse and inclusive working environment can benefit scientific research as a whole.   

Special Event 10: Advancing Global Engagement: Highlighting the Importance of Neuroscience around the world

  • When: 13 Sep 2023, 12:10-13:10 

Join IBRO and partners at this event where attendees will learn more from researchers who have found ways to elevate global neuroscience, and create long-standing links within and beyond their scientific communities. The discussion will be followed by a light lunch, against the backdrop of an exhibition of international engagement projects.