Tracy L. Bale, PhD IBRO President

Dear colleagues,

With this end-of-the-year message, it brings me great joy to note how IBRO has utilized its resources toward making a difference in our communities by strengthening diverse and equitable neuroscience in a concrete manner. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the remarkable moments and milestones that we have accomplished together this year.

First and foremost, I congratulate all of the many outstanding scientists who have benefitted from IBRO’s support in 2023.  In addition to 19 fully supported Schools, a total of 519 grantees across 70 different countries have been funded in 2023, enabling lab exchanges, conference attendance, and academic and career development for early career and established researchers from all around the globe.

In September 2023, IBRO hosted the 11th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience in Granada, Spain in collaboration with the Spanish Neuroscience Society (SENC). The enthusiasm and engaging and inclusive atmosphere of this World Congress stood out to me as truly remarkable, and I extend my sincere appreciation to the organizers, speakers, and attendees who came from an unprecedented 83 different countries! The diversity on display was pivotal in making the World Congress so special and a great success. I am personally very pleased to announce that the next IBRO World Congress in 2027 will take place on the African continent for the first time ever. I very much look forward to attending this Congress and hope to see you there!

In 2023, IBRO reinforced its commitment to offering equitable research opportunities in neuroscience. In alignment with this vision, we are pleased to have been selected as facilitator of the Neuroscience Capacity Accelerator for Mental Health program, a Wellcome Trust-funded career development program aiming to build capacity among scientists working in Low-to-Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). The selected projects will soon be announced – stay tuned for this and other news related to this incredible program in 2024!

During the year, a much-needed update of the look and feel of IBRO’s two journals, Neuroscience and IBRO Neuroscience Reports was implemented, providing an updated and more modern branding of our journals. The launching of two dedicated websites for the IBRO journals will help more effectively disseminate easily accessible information regarding the IBRO journals, their content, their relationship with IBRO, and, importantly, their diverse Editorial Boards, consisting of thematic experts from across the many fields of neuroscience. Importantly, Neuroscience’s current Editor-in-Chief, Juan Lerma, will be ending his term in 2023 after more than 8 years at the helm of our flagship journal. IBRO is indebted to Juan’s leadership as EiC of Neuroscience throughout this period and for his wholehearted commitment to IBRO’s mission. On this note, I am very pleased to announce that we have already appointed a Chief Editor dream team consisting of three excellent scientists from different scientific backgrounds and continents. I am confident that through their work as Chief Editors, Neuroscience will continue as a high-quality, broad neuroscience journal that is committed to supporting the publication of impactful, diverse research findings. We are very excited to start working with this new team of Chief Editors, so please stay tuned for exciting updates early in 2024!

In 2023, Neuroscience and IBRO Neuroscience Reports got new looks

Finally, I am very proud to welcome the following five organizations as new members of IBRO: Asociación Pro Personas con Parálisis Cerebral, APAC, I.A.P., the Azerbaijan Neuroscience Society, the Cameroon Association for Neuroscience (CAMANE), the Ethiopian Neuroscience Society, and the Thai Neuroscience Society. As IBRO grows its membership, our voice for diverse, equitable, and inclusive neuroscience is further amplified. In welcoming these new members, I would like to thank all of IBRO’s diverse members for aligning with our mission and for supporting IBRO in bringing these resources to the world!

At the end of this message, I would like to take the opportunity to thank my colleagues and members of IBRO’s Leadership and Committees for their incredible dedication and hard work throughout the year on behalf of IBRO. I would like to emphasize a few of those who are finishing their terms in 2023, including IBRO Secretary General, Sung-Jin Jeong, Pike-See Cheah and Adrian Palacios, the respective chairs of the Asia-Pacific and Latin America Regional Committees. Their contributions to IBRO during their terms in office have left an indelible mark on our organization, and I would like to share my profound appreciation. From January 2024, 17 new members will join the IBRO Regional Committees and six additional members will join IBRO’s Early Career Committee. I would like to congratulate all on their election and thank them for their willingness to support  IBRO. 

None of the mentioned achievements would have been possible without the dedicated work of several hands, and I would like to thank everyone, including the dedicated  IBRO team in our Secretariat who helped IBRO strengthen its commitment to bring more diversity, equity, and inclusion to neuroscience all over the world. In 2024, we are eager to continue our efforts to ensure impactful outcomes for IBRO initiatives, with the overarching goal of advancing neuroscience research and education globally. I wish you a bright and happy New Year!

Kind regards,

Tracy L. Bale, PhD – IBRO President